Adult Group Lessons

Beginner: For the beginner rider, we recommend a group lesson with other riders of a similar level to help build your confidence. Beginners group lessons will help you to master the basic principles of riding including, mounting, dismounting, correct riding position, holding the reins, halt, walk, basic turns, rising & sitting trot.

Intermediate: For those who have mastered the basics but wish to improve their technique and learn to canter, our intermediate group riding lessons are the perfect way to improve your skills.

Advanced: For more advanced riders, established in walk, trot & canter, we offer an advanced group flat lesson during which riders are able to develop both their feel and technique. Riders also begin working on the basic lateral movements.

Individual riding lessons: Our individual riding lessons offer one to one tuition and a lesson that is totally focused on the rider’s needs. These lessons are ideal for riders wishing to progress from one level to another, for those more nervous riders or for riders with specific goals.


Time: 10.30am

Type: Group (30 mins)

Level: Beginner

Price: £17.00

Time: 11.00am

Type: Group (45 mins)

Level: Novice

Price: £25.00


Time: 10.00am

Type: Confidence building 1/2 hr

Level: All

Price: £20


Time: 7.30pm

Type: Group (1hr)

Level: Intermediate

Price: £31


Time:         Class:

9.00          Advanced

10.00         Intermediate

11.00         Novice

11.30         Beginner CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE

12.00         Intermediate


Time: 6.30pm

Type: Group (1hr)

Level: Intermediate

Price: £31

Time: 7.30pm

Type: Group (1hr)

Level: Advanced

Price: £31


Time: arrange at yard

Type: Private (45 mins)

Level: Any

Price: £42

Private Lessons



​       Cross Country

Lunge Lesson

For all standards


Time: 7.00pm

Type: Group (1hr)

Level: Advanced

Price: £31

Time: 8.00pm

Type: Group (1hr)

Level: Intermediate

Price: £31



No Adults Lessons

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